2013-3-19 a blogger needs a break too

To be a GREAT Blogger… you need to take a break.

2013-3-19 a blogger needs a break tooIn the industry we focus on trends, statistics, when to post & how often, all to help guide you to great blogging. But here’s another tip to being a great blogger: you need to take a break sometimes.

If you are a company or business, your blog is essential to your core marketing practices.  You can’t give up. But you probably have a team, a freelance writer (like me) helping you, and an entire company producing content.

But if you are a personal blog, a writer singlehandedly building a brand for yourself, to be great you need to take a break sometimes.

Blogs are driven by passion (and I am not the only one who thinks so, take time to read the book Born to Blog). People will read you and believe in you only if your passion comes across.

In fact, when us content marketers give you the advice to “be authentic” this is the essence of what we are talking about: let your passion burn through your fingers in to your blog.

But it is so easy to get bogged down by the business of blogging. We focus on numbers, we start comparing ourselves, we want to mimic or ride on the coattails of what worked for someone else, we look at posts that did well and we think we should only produce that kind again & again, we get frustrated…

In short, we get burnt out.  And when we get burnt out we get stale.  You know what? Readers can tell.

So to be the best blogger you can be? Take a break every now and again.  A 1-2 week break from personal blogging will not cause your blog readers to abandon you. After all, we all love bloggers and companies who have a human side. Announce your intended break ahead of time and let them know when they can see you writing again.

Then take the time to refresh.  Reconnect to your purpose and why you started blogging in the first place.  Rekindle your passion.

From a content side, don’t be afraid after this break to share your discoveries with your readers. Open up to them and they will respond well. Also don’t hesitate to modify and change things on your blog to keep your passion front and center.

To be a great blogger you need to stay connected with your passion in order for readers to stay connected to you.

How do you refuel?

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